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Fighting Network RINGS

Akira Maeda is set to revive RINGS, the event that helped kick off the careers of many fighters such as Fedor Emelianenko, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Dan Henderson, Randy Couture, Tsuyoshi Kosaka, Gilbert Yvel, Renzo Gracie, Ricardo Arona, Alistair Overeem, Valentijn Overeem, Kiyoshi Tamura and Volk Han.

RINGS – Reincarnation will be held on Friday March 9

Here’s the card (names in Japanese).

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ASTRA – Hidehiko Yoshida’s last match

1992 Barcelona Olympic Games gold medalist, Hidehiko Yoshida, will fight his last MMA match on April 25th, 2010. In an event called ASTRA, he is set to fight Kazuhiro Nakamura, a long-time student of his dojo.

Both have fought and cornered each other in Pride FC so win or lose it will be an emotional event to mark Yoshida’s retire.

MMA-in-Japan was present at a recent training session at Alliance Square, where both Yoshida and Nakamura have trained with Tsuyoshi Kosaka (TK) over the years. Yoshida was open about, and clearly suffering from a cold virus, but he trained nonetheless with still time to recover before the event on Sunday the 25th.

Ensen Inoue will make a comeback appearance at the event, long awaited by many of his fans.

Training at RJW, Tokyo

Having recently been invited to train at the RJW (Real Japan Wrestling) branch of Wajutsu Keishukai (WK) where there are some notable fighters, including Yushin Okami who has been fighting in the UFC, it was too good an offer to miss. I had trained at the Wajutsu Keishukai main gym in Ochanomizu back in 2002 but Continue reading

Ryoji Suzuki – Team Alliance, Tokyo.

MMA-in-Japan would like to introduce a lesser known but very interesting fighter, Ryoji Suzuki. I first met Ryoji in Tokyo in 2001 where he was, and continues to be, a personal strength and conditioning trainer. With a professional boxing licence and a keen interest in the grappling arts, I was reminded that Continue reading