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Originally from Scotland, I trained under Rick Young at his Blackbelt Academy in Edinburgh, and have been living in Japan since January 2001. I have trained in a number of martial arts, my main focus is grappling (no gi jiu-jitsu), Muay Thai, boxing, and Greco-Roman wrestling. I was originally affiliated to Takada dojo, training under Kazushi Sakuraba (2001-2002) and now I train free. My first professional fight was in Japan in 2003 (Demolition) and since then I have fought in RISE, D.O.G, Shootboxing, Tribelate, and CageForce. Over the years I have been very lucky to have had the opportunity to train with some PRIDE FC, K-1, and UFC fighters.

Cageforce, Tokyo, November 2010

6 thoughts on “Brief Bio

  1. Hello Stewart, do you know anything about Nagaoki-san, he’s my trainer at dobuita gym, i heard he won tribelate event awhile ago?

  2. Yes Juozas, I trained with him a long time ago and he fought I guy I know. I don’t know what he’s like nowadays but he was always tough, however I don’t remember him being able to finish very well.

  3. Thanks Matt. Haven’t been doing too much here lately what with the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear situation! Hope you’re doing well.

  4. hey Stewart cool site! i added u to my fb also.
    I will be moving to saitama later in the year and will be
    looking to start mma training. Keep up the great
    info !

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